Raleigh Bowling Invitational Tournament

Raleigh Bowling Invitational Tournament

NOTE: Rules for ORBIT 2020 are currently being revised and will be posted shortly.


The 2020 ORBIT Raleigh Invitational Bowling Tournament is a USBC-sanctioned handicap tournament held August 30th through September 1st, 2019 and open to men and women by invitation only. All USBC rules apply except as noted below:

A. All participants must be members of USBC, CTF, or FIQ and provide proof of membership in both tournament application and at registration. Sanction cards or receipt of sanction application are acceptable. To participate, non-members must pay a participation or affiliate membership fee of $10.00 (USBC Rule 300c).

B. All non-IGBO members participating must pay an additional $10.00 participation fee.

C. Any person whose IGBO membership has been denied for the current season will not be allowed to participate.

Event Participation

1. The tournament events shall be handicap events and are as follows: Singles, Doubles, and Team.

2. Each participant shall bowl three games per event and must enter all three events. Teams will consist of four members comprising any combination of men and women. Men and women will compete on an equal basis. Doubles partners must come from the same team.

3. Each participant may only bowl once in each event.

4. A professional bowler that is not a current IGBO league member or current organizational member, with a minimum of 21 games, may not bowl in the tournament. Only one professional bowler per team will be allowed. A professional bowler is defined as any person who has been a “card-carrying” member of a professional bowling organization within the past twelve months preceding the tournament.

Entry Requirements

5. The individual participant entry fee (for three (3) events of Singles, Doubles, Team) is payable in US funds ONLY by PAYPAL, MONEY ORDER, CERTIFIED CHECK, or CREDIT CARD. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. All money order and certified check payments are to be made payable to Orbit Raleigh Bowling Invitational Tournament. All entries are to be mailed “CERTIFIED, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED” or comparable international postage regulations. Mail entries to:

ORBIT 2020 Tournament
6001 Winterpointe Lane Apt 205
Raleigh, NC 27606

A. All paper entries must be postmarked no later than 08/1/2020

B. All online payments must be submitted by midnight, 08/12/2020. Entries submitted after 08/12/2020 will be subject to a $10 late fee.

C. The guest banquet fee is $55 per individual person.

D. There is an online payment-processing fee of $4.00

6. Entries shall be limited to a maximum of 152. Once this maximum has been reached, no more entries can be accepted. Entrant’s acceptance will be based on the order in which received. Once an entry fee has been accepted, no refunds will be issued, except as stated in Rule 14.

7. Partial team entries will be accepted, and the tournament director(s) will make every effort to fill the vacancies.

8. Any entries submitted after the deadline date will be accepted at the discretion of the tournament director(s).

9. The breakdown of the individual entry fee for ORBIT 2020 will be as follows:

Fee Description Amount (USD)
Prize Fund $28.00
Lineage $33.00
 Banquet Fee $50.00
IGBO $1.00
Administrative and Miscellaneous $1.00


Entering Averages

10. For the purposes of establishing an average for Orbit, the following rules apply to ten-pin averages established in a USBC, CTF, or FIQ sanctioned league as well as IGBO leagues not sanctioned by the above organizations. The following rules shall be used to determine the entering average:

a. Bowler averages used to determine handicap are as follows:

i. Highest 2019-2020 sanctioned Fall/Winter League (minimum 21 games) average as of August 1st, 2020. If the bowler has the minimum 21 games in more than one sanctioned league, the HIGHEST AVERAGE of all such leagues MUST be submitted.

ii. If 1 is not available, highest 2020 Summer League average of at least 21 games as of 8/01/2020 must be submitted.

iii. If not 1 or 2, 2018-2019 Book Average from a sanctioned league must be submitted. iv. If not 1, 2, or 3, a valid 21 game summer 2019 average must be submitted

1. If no established average under any of the above conditions exists, a bowler must enter with a scratch average of 230.

2. The above averages MUST be verified using:

a. League standing sheet, signed and dated, by League Officer, or

b. Letter from League President, League Secretary, USBC Association Manager, or

c. Photocopy of book average (with year noted), signed and dated, by League Officer.

11. The per-game handicap for the tournament shall be based at 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average (as determined in Rule 13) and the scratch score of 230, or ninety percent of the highest entering average, whichever is higher. Negative handicaps shall not apply.

12. Any bowler who has qualified for a monetary award of $600.00 (USD) or greater during the previous twelve (12) month period from the start date of the ORBIT 2019 Tournament is required to report the name of the tournament, prize amount, scores bowled and prize position (USBC Rule 319d). Failure to comply will result in the automatic and immediate disqualification of the bowler. The disqualified bowler will receive scores of zero (0). No refunds will be issued for disqualified bowlers

13. USBC rules regarding the BOWLER’S responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her entering average, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or any other individual, applies to all bowlers. Failure to use proper average shall disqualify scores if the submitted average is lower than the actual average, thereby resulting in a lower classification or greater handicap. Event placement and/or prize winnings shall be based on the higher average should the submitted average prize to be higher than the bowler’s actual average.

Average Adjustment

14. The tournament management has the authority to adjust the entering average of any bowler. Average adjustments will be applied as set forth under USBC rules. All average adjustments will be completed prior to the start of the tournament. A bowler unwilling to accept an average adjustment is entitled to a refund of their entry.

15. If a bowler has a current tournament average (comprised of a minimum of 21 games bowled during the 12-months immediately preceding the official start date of 9/3/2020) that is one of more pins higher than their entering average (as outlined in Rule 10), they must use the higher tournament average as their entering average. It is the bowler’s responsibility to report ALL tournament scores that are relevant in calculating their current tournament average. Failure to report this information may result in AUTOMATIC disqualification and loss of all prize winnings – subject to Tournament Management discretion.

Attendance and Substitute

16. Tournament check-in must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to the start of a bowler’s first event.

17. It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling. Each bowler shall have the total responsibility to arrive in time to bowl. Mechanical failures, transportation irregularities, improper directions, and related reasons DO NOT alter the application of ORBIT and USBC rules. Changes made to the schedule in regard to tournament offered transportation and catastrophic events will be subject to Tournament Management discretion.

18. If a team member is not present for the doubles or a team event, the team may use an authorized substitute (Rule 19). If no substitute is available, a zero score will be used for the missing bowler(s).

19. Substitutes may bowl at the discretion of the tournament director(s). A substitute is a bowler selected by the committee to fill in for a registered bowler the weekend of the tournament. Their entering averages must comply with Rule 10. Substitutes must complete an entry form. Substitutes who pay the prize fund part of the entry fee prior to their first ball thrown for score are eligible for cash prizes and trophies. Non-paying substitutes normal entry rules shall apply. Any fee adjustments or refunds are at the discretion of the tournament director(s).

20. Bowlers will be allowed ten (10) minutes of practice at the beginning of each event.

Optional Scratch Event 

21. The Optional Scratch Event shall be offered to participants for a fee. Scratch scores form the handicap portion of the tournament shall be used to determine winners. The optional scratch shall be divided into three separate categories within each division:

Highest Single Scratch Game (from any of the events); Highest Scratch Series (from any of the events, three games required); and Highest Scratch All-Events (from the nine-game total of all three events).

The Optional Scratch Event Divisions and Fees are as follows:

Division A: Averages 0 – 144 $25
Division B: Averages 145 – 165 $25
Division C: Averages 166 – 185 $25
Division D: Averages 186 – 205 $25
Division E: 206+ $25

Awards and Prizes

22. All cash awards shall be based on the Total Pins PLUS assigned handicap for each event (with exception of the Optional Scratch Divisions). Ratio will be at least 1:10 for Singles, Doubles, Team, and All Events.

23. Awards will be given for the Singles, Doubles, Team, and Individual All Events. Individual All Events is defined as the nine-game total plus 9 game handicaps of an individual bowler.

24. The award ratio for the Optional Scratch Divisions shall be at least 1:20 per division.

25. Prizes will be distributed via check payable in US currency within thirty days of the completion of the tournament, barring any protest. A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placing.

26. 100% of the entry fee from each division in the Optional Scratch Divisions shall be returned to that division.

Scoring Errors

27. After a score has been recorded, it cannot be changed unless there has been an obvious error in scoring or calculation has occurred. Obvious errors must be corrected by a tournament official immediately upon discovery. Questionable errors must be reported to a tournament official within two hours of the error and will be decided by tournament management. (USBC Rule 328).


28. Protests and appeals must be in writing, stating the grounds for the protest and/or appeal.

a. All protests must be filed within 72 hours of the close of the tournament.

b. The decision of the tournament management shall be final unless a written appeal is filed with the local association or USBC Headquarters prior to tournament prizes being paid. Upon notification of a protest or appeal, tournament management must withhold all affected prizes until the protest or appeal is resolved.


29. All other USBC rules will apply.

30. Any person attending and requiring special needs MUST notify the tournament management.

31. The team captain MUST sign the entry form acknowledging he/she has read the rules. In the case of online registration, the timestamp will be considered the team captain’s acknowledgment.