Raleigh Bowling Invitational Tournament

Raleigh Bowling Invitational Tournament

Scratch Masters Rules

NOTE: Rules for ORBIT 2020 are currently being revised and will be posted shortly.

1. Scratch Masters is a mixed competition open to men and women by invitation only.

2. The SIX (6) game scratch totals from the ORBIT Tournament Doubles and Singles events are used to determine six (6) qualifiers and one (1) alternate for the competition. Scores do not carry over. In case of a tie for the sixth position, a one (1) game roll-off will determine the qualifier.

3. Scratch Masters Divisions will be offered to all participants using five (5) divisions as determined by the entering average.

4. The top six (6) qualifiers in each division will bowl step-ladder format starting with 6th and 5th place with the winner moving on. The higher ranked player chooses to finish first or last. Two (2) practice balls will be allowed before each game for the two players bowling that game. A warm-up lane will be provided for the players waiting to bowl and will be available 10 minutes prior to the start of the first match. In the event of a tie, those bowlers will have a two-frame roll-off.

5. The starting pair of lanes will be given to each bowler at the time of check-in.

6. Payout will be 100% payback. The payout ratio will be 1:10.

7. The match play will begin 15 minutes after the conclusion of Team Event Sunday, September 6th.

8. A bowler who is not available to bowl at the scheduled time will be disqualified and the alternate will replace him/her.

9. Bowlers must check in thirty (15) minutes before the scheduled start time.

10. Any claims of error in the roll-off competition must be submitted before the start of the next match. In case of an error in the final match, any claims of error must be reported within one (1) hour after the end of the last match.

11. The Scratch Masters Divisions and Fees are as follows:

Division A: Averages 0 - 144 $20
Division B: Averages 145-165 $25
Division C: Averages 166-185 $30
Division D: Averages 186-205 $35
Division E: 206+ $40